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Email Marketing – your professional touch point

Email marketing enables direct, personalised communication, in the form of professionally branded emails – direct from your web server.


You can use email marketing to reinforce the visibility of your brand while simultaneously introducing  any current initiatives your business is undertaking. For example: a product launch, discount offers, upcoming promotional events or even new job opportunities.


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Bulk Email Marketing – online, on time ...on budget

A bulk email marketing campaign allows your business to quickly reach an entire database audience - or specific sections of it, in a timely, cost efficient manner.

Whether it takes form as an ongoing branding exercise, a direct response campaign – or a combination of the two, email marketing can work effectively to engage users and initiate action.


One of the key benefits of bulk email marketing is its ability to gauge recipient behaviour and identify their response.  For instance, whether they open the email or not - and for those who do, their particular course of action upon receiving it.


What’s more, email marketing campaigns can be cost effectively ‘split test’ to see what works best for different demographics and audience categories within your client database.


Email marketing can also be integrated into a broader online marketing strategy.  This can be achieved by linking it directly to your website, specific pages on it, or on landing pages or mini-sites.  As an example, an email based specifically around a particular promotional offer, can link to a landing page where people can directly purchase a product – or register their interest. From this page (much like an SEM campaign) statistics can be derived to determine the response rate of the email marketing campaign.


From the initial sending of the email, to the final call to action, email marketing is ‘made to measure’.


Direct Email Marketing – if you send it, they will come

Think of email marketing as a more direct online approach to maintain links with past, present and future clients – keeping your business at the forefront of their minds.  It could take the form of some helpful information, a handy hint, an ‘exclusive’ offer, an introduction to a new service or product – or simply a friendly ‘hello’ to touch base and keep in contact.


A well-written and well-designed e-marketing newsletter delivered regularly to your customer’s inbox can go a long way.    (After all that’s what branding is all about). If it is done effectively, you’ll build recognition, relationships and brand associations for your business.  Why? So your prospective clients turn to you first when in need of your service offering!  (That’s branding in action).


Of course email marketing can get a little more ‘direct’ when required too.   We’re talking hard hitting direct response campaigns. Not for every business, but certainly not without power in its own right.  Speaking of which, in the ‘right’ situation, a well executed burst of direct email marketing, can be ‘right on target’ when a quick result is required, to take place in a short space of time.


Email Marketing – ‘pass it on’

An added benefit of email marketing is that it is able to be ‘passed on’ easily and freely by the receiver - to other people external to your database, for even greater exposure. This can help facilitate even greater exposure, with zero effort required by you.  Alternatively just make sure your email marketing newsletter not only looks great, but has valuable information – too good not to share!


Should one not be in place already, email marketing also instigates a database capture system which can be used for other marketing avenues. For example: general customer analysis, postal campaigns, telemarketing campaigns... and more.  Of course, it can also act as an additional marketing conduit for an existing database.


Easily one of the most economical ways to brand your business on or offline – with more measurable results than most other types of branding activities, email marketing presents a multifaceted approach to marketing your business - with multiple reward.


To find out more on how to brand and build your business through email marketing, contact Butterfly today on (03) 9009 9601 (Australia).